yassification of wordle

Queerdle is a word guessing game. Each day there is a new word to guess. You have six chances to get the word right. Words vary in length between 4 and 8 characters and do not contain spaces or punctuation. Occasionally two words may be put together if I feel like it. Queerness cannot be contained! Letters can be repeated.

Use the suggest new words form if something comes up as invalid that you think should be added.

Having trouble? Want to say hi? You can find me at @jbouvier on Twitter. Please be nice! This is a hobby :)



  • Added copy button for sharing stats.
  • Open sharing stats in a modal for easier display.
  • Improved date handling for word selection.
  • Expanded word validation dictionary.
  • Improved performance by removing redundant calls.
  • Fixed issues with theme switching.
  • Switched on always HTTPS.
  • Moved site behind CDN for better performance.
  • Added some analytics to better understand when there are issues.


  • Added keyboard support.
  • Added accessibility theme with higher contrast.
  • Game remembers previous plays.